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San Francisco is a great place to live, so many cool neighborhoods, people from all over the world, and it provides a sense of home & community. 

After a fruitful childhood, growing up in Southern Oregon, and finding my artistic inclinations, living and studying photography in Tokyo, Japan, I have made San Francisco my home where I live with my wife, who's a teacher at a middle school called Holy Name

I joke with her about her school looking like the space ship from one of my favorite animations, Titan A.E. In deed, I have been accused of being a dreamer.. 

Aside from revamping some creative assets for my web channels,  I am currently creating content for local small businesses, who are all doing their best to survive the torrent that is the Corona Virus Pandemic. And now there are the Nor Cal (and So Oregon Fires) to contend with. So one can see everyone in the community here, working together to over come these hazards

recently provided content management for Sunset Strong, the POPS Merchant's Association & the Outer Sunset Farmers Market; that runs year round, every Sunday, from 9am-3pm, and is located on 37th Avenue (between Pacheco and Riviera street.) These nonprofit organizations and supporters keep these events going, with the hopes of one day expanding. 

info@popzeitarts.com       Tel: 628-219-7823

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