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San Francisco is a great place to live, so many interesting neighborhoods, people from all over the world, and it provides a sense of home & community. 

After a fruitful childhood, growing up in Southern Oregon, and finding my artistic inclinations, living and studying photography in Tokyo, Japan, I have made San Francisco my home where I live with my wife, who's a teacher at a middle school called Holy Name

I joke with her about her school looking like the space ship from one of my favorite movie animations, Titan A.E. In deed, I have been accused of being a dreamer.. 

In this new year, we now have a newly sworn-in Democratic Administration, and I have shifted my focus away from working for neighborhood nonprofits; as they are self-sustaining. But since I still support small businesses in the Parkside neighborhood, and wish to see them thrive, I have turned my photography & writing craft towards telling their stories. I’m currently creating some Sunset Neighborhood Portraits, and sharing them on community based sites like Nextdoor


And since teaching neighborhood youths photography & social media sharing went so well prior to the Pandemic, I am beginning to create some new Neighborhood photo journalism units. I hope to make those available at the media platform Thumbtack . That's the 2021 plan: full of new possibilities for learning and living. 

info@popzeitarts.com       Tel: 628-219-7823

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