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About Me

San Francisco is a great place to live, so many interesting neighborhoods, people from all over the world, and it provides a sense of home & community. 

After a fruitful childhood, growing up in Southern Oregon, and finding my artistic inclinations, living and studying photography in Tokyo, Japan, I have made San Francisco my home where I live with my wife, who's a teacher at a middle school called Holy Name

I joke with her about her school looking like the space ship from one of my favorite movie animations, Titan A.E. In deed, I have been accused of being a dreamer.. 

In this new year I have shifted my focus away from working for neighborhood nonprofits, which are running smoothly. My passion is still strong for supporting small businesses in the Parkside neighborhood. I wish to be apart of helping them to thrive  through photography & storytelling. I’m currently creating Sunset Merchant Spotlights, and sharing them on community based sites like Nextdoor and on Instagram @paulmansfieldphoto .

And since teaching neighborhood youths New Journalism was such as success, prior to the Pandemic, I am beginning to create some new English Learning Modules for ESL students. My teaching channel is by appointment and via Google Meet. That's the 2021 plan, full of new possibilities for learning and living. Hope to see you there!

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