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Beachside Taraval open air market Pop-up

Today begins the first Beachside Taraval open air market.

Today’s weather is beautiful in San Francisco and the air quality is clearing up just a bit, so that the Beachside Taraval Merchants can open their doors, open up their bars and Margarita huts, to serve wonderful tapas, Portuguese coffee & treats, & offer some summer time fun.

The Sunset Mercantile has gotten together with POPS, Gordon Mar’s Office and the OEWD and many other local merchants like Underdogs Too to close off the street and create a street fair. Lots of mercantile tents, with arts and crafts, and a great way to visit these places in a safe and distanced way during the Pandemic.

On the heels of the success of the Outer Sunset Farmers Market and Mercantile, now we have another way to get out and hob nob with our neighbors again, while celebrating what’s special about the Beachside Taraval area of the Sunset.

And the beach is just a few blocks away~!

Beachside Taraval Sunset Mercantile Popping up Sundays 11-6 on Taraval between 46th-47th Aves, September 6 - November 15th

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