• Paul Mansfield

Parkside Photo Pop-up 📷

Once again, my photo comrade, DB, and I had found ourselves, planted down in the Parkside neighbs, drinking coffee at the new Boavida shop & later cruising vinyl and cassette tapes at their sister-store, Tunnel Records.

Even though we both shoot digital, we like to mix it up with all things analog, because as Dave put’s it, ‘this Leica has soul’

During these Parkside Sunset Photo Junkets, Dave and I often talk about influences on our photography. For Dave, the Rock Photography of Jim Marshall has a look & feel that inspires him. And it follows, that after zippin out on espresso and scones, we head down to a well-stocked vinyl shop like Tunnel Records.

We get to put our musical tastes into action, as photographic ideas spin around our collective artist’s imagination. We make a morning of it, and usually walk away with new motivation to shoot more, film or digital. And of course, a new piece of vinyl or a cassette tape.

Boavida Cafe & Tunnel Records are both located in the Sunset District of San Francisco, on the corner of Taraval at 46th avenue

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